Improving tourist attractions with destination management services.

Who Uses Geokeepers Land Management Tools?

Tourism Authorities


Dynamically manage populations with visitor data collection and visitor fees. Promote under-utilized destinations, while restricting over-crowded ones. Plan and fund needed changes to sustain growth.

Non Profits


A cost effective way to manage your conservatory. Educate visitors on the unique benefits of your destination. Sustain your environmental efforts by charging nominal fees and overseeing visitors whereabouts.

Tour Companies



An "off-the-shelf" platform to communicate with your customers. Customize the experience to meet your unique business needs.

Park Managers


Geo-fencing monitors park traffic and directs staff enforcement. Analytical tools provide metrics for current and future site management .

Amusement Parks


Quickly determine population flows and promote venues throughout your park. Collect and analyze your facility's needs.

Land Use Managers


Geofencing allows communication to enforce your restrictions while promoting what you want visitors to enjoy.