Improving tourist attractions with destination management services.

Benefits To Stakeholders



Visitors want an authentic tourist experience but often overcrowding of cultural or recreational venues makes their experience unpleasant. 



Residents who have become plagued by the effects of over-tourism. They will feel relief and regain confidence in government to provide proper tourism management for their local community.

Government Tourism Authority


Imagine every destination, statewide, streaming data in real-time to an analyst's dashboard. There, that analyst has access  to a wide range of analytic charts and graphs to determine the optimum experience for residents and visitors. 

Revenue Administrator


Appropriate fees are collected from the visitor via Geokeeper's mobile platform. Those fees provide added State and local revenue for government agencies. Also, fees curb over crowding.

First Responders


When recreation areas are in remote areas, Geokeepers provides a needed safety function. First Responders can quickly locate a stranded visitor or proactively notify the visitor in advance, about any threatening conditions that may be approaching.

How it Works


Geokeepers Manages Recreational Resources

Using its unique, boundary system, Geokeepers monitors visitor populations. Our  algorithms dynamically adjust as crowd sizes vary. We have built a dynamic flexible system that monitors the load on a destination and reduces overcrowding via user fees. As demand rises, so do prices, creating an economic crowd curb.


Visitor Application


A free app for visitors on-the-go. Quickly find destinations with accurate, current information. Learn the destination's unique characteristics. Budget your daily activities.

Data Collection System


Metrics, graphs and charts provide a simple and clear understanding of a destinations popularity. With Geokeepers' data, destinations can be managed like assets on a balance sheet.  

Content Creation and Management


Intuitive dashboard and content tools allow managers to promote their destinations. Cultural awareness can be presented in a multi-media interface. Up to the minute alerts on weather, traffic and other variables can be posted.